Everything You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening Kits

We all aim to look perfect and having a bright and beautiful smile is one of those things we feel is a necessity. When teeth start to tarnish and look more yellow than white, you tend to feel uncomfortable around people so it’s only natural that you are looking for a way to turn them white again. You have probably seen a lot of teeth whitening kits that go from LED lights to gel kits being advertised and before you fall prey and purchase the first one you come across, here are some of the things you should know about teeth whitening kits.

Do Home Teeth Whitening Kits Work?

Teeth are not what most people think they are. They actually have microscopic pores that absorb and trap materials that eventually cause staining and discoloration. Most of these teeth whitening kits contain active ingredients such as carbamide peroxide, buffer gel solutions, or hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients bleach the non-enamel part of the teeth to remove the stains. If your cause of discoloration is stuff trapped in this pores, then teeth whitening kits are likely to work. However, if your discoloration comes from the ename itself, teeth whitening kits are likely not to work. Some of the stains caused by antibiotics or fluoride maybe impervious two teeth whitening kits. They will also not work on dead teeth either.

What are the benefits of teeth Whitening Kits?

One of the major benefits of using home whitening kits is the convenience they come with. Whitening kits are more convenient than making an appointment with your dentist. This means that you will whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home regardless of whatever time you're free to do it. Most of them are also very easy to use, which means you'll get an easy fix to raising your self esteem. If you get a home whitening kit from your dentist, then you're almost guaranteed that to be safe because it has a seal of a dentists’ approval. You can also choose to get a kit from a dentist and have it custom made. However, that could take some time and counteract convenience.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Kits Take To Work

The duration will actually vary with the tooth whitening kit you choose, so there is no specific time frame. Teeth whitening strips could take less time compared to teeth whitening toothpastes for instance. It will also vary from individual and the current color of the teeth they are trying to whiten. Yellow teeth will take less time compared to brown colored teeth. LED light kits may show results sooner so in a few days to a few weeks, you should be able to see results. Most of these methods need to be used again after a while if you want to retain that white color for a long time.

After how long do you need to whiten your teeth again?

Teeth whitening is not a permanent thing, especially when you use home whitening kits. If you happen to smoke or drink plenty of beverages or wine, the results will fade much faster and you’ll need to touch it up. If you would like to maintain or retain that white color, there are certain measures you can take. For instance, it would help to user a straw while drinking beverages and brushing right after consumption. Good oral hygiene should be followed as well.

What are the risks associated with teeth whitening kits?

You could experience mild irritation or tooth sensitivity right after teeth whitening especially on the gums, but this could be on a temporary basis. This is likely to stop once the treatment is over. You should be careful while using kits with activated charcoal because it could damage your teeth if not used correctly. LED whitening kits may also be dangerous if used incorrectly. Most of the damage is likely to go to the gums so regardless of the teeth whitening kit you choose, you need to follow instructions and use it correctly.

Are teeth whitening kits safe for you?

There are so many brands of teeth whitening kits on the market right now and it's not easy for you to know whether the ingredients they have used are either ineffective or safe for you. When it comes to LED light whitening kits, most of them come with combinations of sodium bicarbonate, which is literally baking soda, and sodium chloride. There is not much research backing up the fact that a combination of these compounds together with an LED light will whiten your teeth safely without damaging them. On the other hand, if you choose to see a dentist and have your teeth professionally whitened, the dentist is likely to use safe methods that have been well researched.

Can artificial caps and veneers be whitened?

If you have artificial veneers and caps, a dentist will create them to match the initial colour of your teeth. However once that is done, they cannot be changed. If after installation you choose to whiten your surrounding teeth, they will definitely be whiter than the veneers. Teeth whitening will certainly not damage them, but it will not change the colour either.

What is the best time to whiten your teeth?

If you choose to use home teeth whitening kits, the best time to use them as before you go to bed. This is because once you whiten your teeth, regardless of the product you choose to use, they will be more susceptible to staining again. This is because the pores will be open and it will be easier for them to absorb more stains. Whitening before bed reduces any opportunity for staining again and gives your teeth sometime during the night to remineralize and rehydrate.

Should you opt for laser whitening or home whitening?

Laser whitening is a cosmetic procedure but it's an office procedure that needs a consultation with a dentist. Just like any other tooth whitening method, there are risks involved in laser whitening with the biggest one being heat damage to your mouth. A professional dentist however, will control the laser and make it safe for you. The dentist will use a whitening gel and the lasers will activate the gel to whiten your teeth. If you have deep stains, this is an incredible method that will take very little time to complete. This means that you will get incredible results immediately.

On the other hand, you can choose to use gel whitening kits at home, but this could take longer to show results. One of the major problems with homekits is the fact that unless you get a customised tray, you could damage your gums in the process. You will also need to do this process on a daily basis in order for it to be effective. In addition to that, there are certain risks involved in using peroxide on an extended period of time. Some of these risks involve tooth decay and you may be prone to bacteria and plaque. Like mentioned above, the kits can actually be safe as long as you follow instructions and protect your gums. You could be even better off if you have customised traits from your dentist.

Can anyone use teeth whitening kits?

Yes and no. Yes because anyone can purchase a teeth whitening kit and try to improve the look of their teeth. No because naturally, different people have different shades of white. As a matter of fact, you should know that teeth are not naturally white. The pulp inside the teeth is yellow while the enamel happens to be white. For this reason, your teeth may not appear as white as somebody else's.

 How much will your get after using teeth whitening kits?

 If you use the kit according to the instructions, you will get back your natural shade of white. Your team should have the same shade of white with your eyes because any more than that and they will look unnatural. They will look so white that everyone will tell you've done something to them. Some people tend to feel that instead of using the gel for the directed duration of time, if they use it for a whole night that is will be more effective a lot faster. However, this is definitely not going to happen and the only thing you will achieve is an odd look and damaged teeth. If you get ultraviolet white instead of a natural white, then it's because you've used your whitening kit the wrong way .

Should you use whitening kits or just opt for the dentist treatment?

This decision is entirely up to you and it will depend on how much stained your teeth are. It also depends on how well you follow instructions and whether you want to do it several times. If you want the convenience of doing it once and getting it over with, you can see your dentist and have a different treatment like the laser treatment. However, if not, you can easily purchase a tooth whitening kit and use it at home at your convenience.